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IPC Portotenica offers an integrated range of products for cleaning of industrial environments, where there is the need to clean wide indoor and outdoor manufacturing areas, to collect big quantities of debris, and to maintain and clean machineries.

Products recommended for industry sector:

- High pressure washers: recommended for cleaning environments, tools and vehicles.

- Scrubbers: for an effective deep cleaning of corridors, offices and industrial environment.

- Sweepers: necessary to collect debris in medium/large areas like courtyards and car parks.

- Vacuum cleaners: necessary for cleaning offices and productive environments, where it is also required to collect big quantities of debris, dust, noxious substances, oils and liquids.

- Extractors: for the suction of liquid, even in case of small flooding.

- Steam generators: recommended for deep cleaning and degreasing of tools. Necessary in “Food Industry” to clean and sanitize machineries and tools.