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IPC Portotecnica boasts a wide range of products ideal for agricultural equipments and environments.

The great reliability and quality of IPC Portotecnica cleaning machines are a guarantee for the maintenance of value and efficiency of machineries, plants, stables and buildings, thus satisfying the most severe hygienic norms.

IPC Portotecnica offers also integrated solutions and accessories to obtain the best possible results and reply to all users needs. All the machines are easy to use and permit to work efficiently and safely in every environment.

Products recommended for agricultural sector:

- High pressure cleaners : for tractors, machineries, equipments, vehicles and environments.

- Extractors: for the suction of liquid, in situation of small flooding.

- Sweepers: necessary to collect debris in medium and large areas, such as courtyards and car parks.

- Steam generators: essential for agricultural tools sanitation and disinfection.